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Vijayadashami and your career

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Recently the country celebrated Dusherra, the victory of good over evil. In the Indian mythology, Dussehra marks victory of the Hindu god Rama's over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. Likewise, in our careers, we also have to win multiple battles sometimes related to our skills, knowledge, ego, value and beliefs to emerge as a winner. Here are some useful lessons, which can derive from this festival that can help us celebrate Vijayadashami in our career:

1) Struggles are inevitable - Lord Rama has taken avatar as a human being to showcase and demonstrate the victory of good over evil. He could have used the power of his lordship and destroyed all demons. However, he chose to take the tedious path, underwent all the struggle and eventually emerge as a winner. Human life and struggles are inseparable. You cannot, not have them. When you face them, do all your duties and discharge them with enthusiasm and courage.

2) Know your strengths – When it was time for Lord Rama to send army of his monkeys to attack the Lanka, Rama wanted to use his arrow to dry out the entire ocean. However, lord Varun came and requested Lord Rama to not dry out the ocean. He instead told lord Rama that Nala and Neel, sons of Vishawakarma have a boon that any stone thrown by him will not sink. Nala volunteered and that’s how all the monkeys collectively came together and built the bridge to reach to lanka. Using our strengths without proper information can lead to wasted effort and can cause frustration. Hence, knowing our strengths is equally important.

3) Good things take time –If you are working hard and hoping success will happen overnight, then you should be lucky. Good things take time. Lord Ram had to spent fourteen years in exile before he emerged victorious after defeating demons and devils. Likewise, any good enterprise takes time and success doesn’t come overnight. You need to continuously work hard and let the things happen.

4) Watch your behaviour –When we face struggles, we tend to lose our emotional balance fast. Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama cut the nose of Supanakha and sent her back to Lanka. This instance is supposed to have fuelled Ravana aspiration of winning over Rama and Lakshmana. Don’t take any decisions charged with emotions. Think objectively about your challenges and see what best you can do. Ignoring the problems is not the solution, likewise, taking decisions in an emotionally disturbed state can create problems.

Like Lord Rama, went to exile without knowing how his journey would unfold, likewise our career is a trip into the unknown. Your career is very much like your life. Sometimes you will have all the answers and at other times you will only have questions and will have no clarity about any form of answers. However, not knowing everything is alright. Let the answers emerge. Focus on what you can do and let the results emerge for the better.

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