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Keep The Faith - Kamal Karanth

Humble beginnings and playing the right bets - is how I would describe the phenomenal journey of Kamal Karanth, Co-Founder, Xpheno (Extend Your Expression).

A Post Graduate in Microbiology, Kamal started his career as a sales trainee in a pharmaceutical company and rose to phenomenal heights where he lead leadership positions for two of the largest staffing companies worldwide including MaFoi and Kelly Services. 

Born and brought up in in a middle-class family in Karnataka, the challenges he faced in the early days of life armed him with right package of discipline, change and relationships that formed the source-code of his life journey and shaped him as a person. And yes, one song that keeps him going through the highs and lows of life is Keep The Faith by Bon Jovi!

Listen to this authentic, unplugged and interesting journey in this brand new podcast episode of #TheChordsofLife

Language: English | Listen to the Episode On This Website - Here

Listening Time: Approx. 22 Mins

Key Takeaways:

1) We are not just a product of our life situations. I think, we all pick our influences and that is what really matters.

2) Failure is a lesson in humility and not a certification - In my early childhood days, I would fail in every match I would lead for our teams. That never meant I gave up or did not show up the next day again.

3) Build Lasting Relationships - I think whether Covid or not, we all can leverage the power of genuine relationships. Yes these are unprecedented times, however, if you are loosing out, don't loose heart! Keep polishing your skills, show up on social media and continue to try, till the job finds you!

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