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  • Who is Vineet Tandon?
    Vineet Tandon (Hindi: विनीत टंडन) (born 1978) is India’s First and Only Musical Motivational Speaker. Born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, he was the marketing head at a business vertical of HCL Technologies when he decided to pursue his larger life goal of creating hope, spreading peace and inspiring communities.
  • What is a Musical Motivational Talk?
    Over the years, Vineet has observed that people connect with each other and get inspired easily through music. He studied hundreds of motivational speakers, their approach and style of delivery and found there was a huge gap in style and delivery of motivational talks. He identified that gap and thus Musical Motivational Talks were born and the acceptance we have got from corporates is phenomenal. To know more about Musical Motivational Talks, please watch this video
  • What kind of music and songs are used in a Musical Motivational Talk?
    The purpose of a Musical Motivational Talk is to deliver an inspirational talk with a message. The purpose is not fun and not entertainment. It's talk with music as a vehicle for delivery. Generally, Vineet uses popular songs (English / Hindi / Punjabi) or his own compositions to drive home key messages for a musical motivational talk. To understand, what a typical Musical Motivational Session looks like, please watch this video below:
  • What is the duration of a Musical Motivational Talk?
    We deliver Musical Motivational Talks in following formats: 1) Keynote Sessions - These are between 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration 2) Half Day Workshops - These are normally 4 hours duration 3) Full Day Workshops - These are normally 8 hours duration 4) Outbound Workshop - Where learning intervention spreads over few days in a week
  • In what language are these Musical Motivational Talks Delivered?
    Most Musical Motivational Talks are delivered in English, Hindi and Hinglish.
  • What kind of room set-up is needed for Musical Motivational Talks?
    In the past, we have delivered Musical Motivational Talks to very diverese group of audience across multi-stage formats. These include: Boardroom Set up, Conference Room Set Up, Auditoriums, Semiar Rooms, Classrooms, Amphitheatre, Five Star Hotel Banquets and Stadium.
  • What sound and AV set-up is needed for Musical Motivational Talks?
    The requirement of set-up needed is proportionate to the size of audience. In case of normal office set-up, nothing special is required. However, we will share the requirement list, once talks are finalized.
  • How many days advance booking is needed for Musical Motivational Talks?
    Vineet is constantly travelling and doing sessions and the calendar keep getting filled in advance. To ensure a slot, we recommend to contact us at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • How to get in touch for a speaking opportunity?
    Please visit our contact us page and drop in an enquiry. You will be responded with 24 hours. You can also contact us via any of the social media channels.
  • What is the fees of a typical Musical Motivational Talk?
    Vineet is a professional speaker and therefore none of his sessions are for free. Fee charges vary depending on duration, location, topic, audience size and nature of client organization. Let connect and we shall be happy to give you a customized proposal.
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