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Wisdom From the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships

Wisdom From the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships

Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships is a book written by Chaitanya Charan Das, who is a renowned preacher and Krishna religious figure. He is also a member of the Governing Council of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The book he wrote has been divided into 19 chapters. And each chapter has a brief of the story. All the chapters explain various elements that generally we don’t look at. The author has adequately detailed the characters' actions and reactions. He has examined every character, both positive and negative. Chaitanya Charan Das’s interpretation of the Ramayana is deeply rooted in modern-day lives and relationships. Many motivational speakers have taken references for their sessions from this book. An example of the best spiritual speaker who has taken inspiration from this book for his speeches is Vineet Tandon.

Ramayana’s Impact on Life and Relationships

Let’s find out how Ramayana has impacted lives and relationships in the modern era, through Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships.

The Connection:

We live in a time when relationships are based on individualism, economy and greed. This change has been noticed even in the most sacred and stable institutions of parenting, marriage and family. Since the world is further moving towards globalisation, youngsters are more likely to absorb the ease of modern life and culture. To positively and successfully influence people to preserve personal and family values, Ramayana provides us with a critical link. It has come to notice, the focus that has been made on scientific discoveries over the past 300 years is a concern to improve our lives. However, these discoveries have helped individuals to pursue high profits. As a result, people are becoming more materialistic and are running in the never-ending race of achievements. And in this process, they lose themselves. It is in this catastrophic situation that the epic Ramayana has taught us some important lessons.

Foundation, Principles, and Justice:

The epic upholds ideals and righteousness and has the foundation of a family structure. Being a perennial and universal source of knowledge, Ramayana has relevance even today. The principles of Ramayana have proved to offer 95% success in people's lives. All these principles apply to most people and most scenarios. Since Ramayana spreads the knowledge of psychology and science within its fold of spirituality, people can relate to this epic. Ramayana is more than a story. This ancient epic's age-old wisdom has withstood the test of time. It has also provided us with the key to success.

Application in Modern Times:

Unlike other eastern texts, Ramayana offers profound teachings that one can apply in their daily life. The epic has taught us about the greatness of sacrifice. Furthermore, from Ramayana, we also found the importance of family and values. The relationship amongst brothers has been beautifully portrayed in this epic. In modern society, where people fight amongst themselves for gaining profits, Ramayana gives us an invaluable lesson regarding a minimalist way of life.

How Can People Relate To The Epic?

The book written by Chaitanya Charan Das does not present any complicated wording and even a toddler can enjoy the basic values of the epic. Young adults can read the book to become successful in their careers. A father or mother can take aspects of Ramayana as reference points and utilize them in raising their families. The elderly can read the book and discuss the ideas that they have embraced throughout their lives. Often children like listening to stories from their grandparents. To meet the purpose of both ends, Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships can be a great help. In short, the entire family can enjoy together. This would help them grow their bond stronger with one another.

How Does Ramayana Motivate People?

Ramayana also drives motivation in people in times of conflict, misery and confusion. The heroism portrayed by Ram in the epic provided us with a very important lesson, which is that nothing is impossible. In Ramayana, like many other epics, we have seen how the characters have witnessed betrayal, hatred, loss and tragedy. That is exactly what we also face in our daily lives. And like the epic taught us, we battle through all the hardships and find peace within. To achieve that, all we need to do is believe in ourselves. In Ramayana, we have seen how Ram, being a prince of Ayodhya, had agreed to stay in the forest for 14 years with his wife, Sita. We have seen all the troubles Ram, Sita and Lakshman had to go through and how patiently they powered through all the challenges. Likewise, in modern times as well, people will face challenges that they have to fight and win. Of course, sometimes it can take longer to achieve something, be it justice or success. But as witnessed in Ramayana the good always wins over the bad.

Other Things That The Book Taught Us

Most of us lead self-centered lives, concentrating on 'me, my, and mine.' The egomaniac attitude is quite profound in our environment right now. Ravana represents the mood of today's people, who are solely concerned with their well-being and have little regard for the well-being of others. This teaches us about Ravana's mindset and how, by adopting it, we are destroying ourselves in the same way that Ravana destroyed himself. True love is lacking in today's environment, in my opinion. Urmila and Lakshmana can teach the kids a lot about real love. Urmila made the decision not to stand in the way of Lakshmana's dedication to his brother. She was willing to forego her physical wants because their hearts were so close. Physical love is desire, and emotional love is active sacrifice. The footnotes on each page add to the book's intrigue.

Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships certainly is a life-changing book. If you also want motivation in your life, you should read the book. Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, a variety of motivational speakers in India, refer to this book bringing in positive vibes in the daily life of their audience. So does Vineet Tandon, India’s best spiritual speaker. Other than being a spiritual speaker, he is also the first musical motivational speaker in India. He uses Mantra, Custom Lyrics, and Poetry, to establish a connection with the audience. Also, having 18 years of experience in corporate life, Vineet Tandon is the most sought-after icon, bringing positive changes into the mind and soul.

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