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When You’re Becoming A New You- 5 Lessons To Help You on Your Journey

Sometimes our lives do not turn out in the exact way that we wished them to and this throws us into complete desolation, and often this tough time makes us realize that there might be some avenues that need changes.

But building a new you is not that simple, to break yourself free from the ongoing struggle, reinvent, needs time. It is a much longer and evolving process, there is no fixed time period, but a daily effort to learn and unlearn, to build from scratch a much more positive and stronger person.

Self-confidence is essential; a person with self-confidence generally appreciates oneself, is willing to take risks, to achieve both personal and professional goals, and has a positive attitude towards life. Working on this is essential for a holistic mindset and approach, to improve your social interactions.

You’re bound to get toiled by fears and negative feelings, but those are intrinsic to life, much like without evil there is no goodness.

Motivational speakers ask you to take pride in yourself and invest in building a support system for life because no one can live alone. Friends and family help you to get through the worst days, do not shut yourself from socializing, they often help you to deal with emotions. Go over the following 5 ways to becoming a new you, however, remember you are unique; you are special and so different from the others.

  • Start with a dream:

If you want to change, it is necessary for you to dream of the change. Dream the goal and aspirations to gear you up to take action. Taking action is your first step forward towards a change. However, be patient with yourself, it is a long process nothing happens in a day, to achieve or gain something, and you need to strive for it.

Throughout this ride, there would be joys for all those little achievements but also the fear and pain to fail at times, all while you should muster the courage to survive through it, without giving up. Remember always, hard work always pays off. Life can be unfair but these are the moments when you should especially believe. If you really work with all determination and honesty, no one can stop you from getting the fruits.

  • Accept Yourself:

To be able to ride the ride of building the New You, the first and foremost baby step is to first accept yourself. Sounds simple, but it is easier said than done, we all have innumerable insecurities about ourselves, there is always something we want o change in ourselves- now, there you should accept yourself the way you are, believe in the soul you stare in the mirror. Confidence is the best outfit you can wear, and for this confidence to grow on your skin, you should be in complete sync with your mind and body.

Passions give purpose to life meaning, i.e. to say be passionate about yourself, you’ll find many to pull you down and make you feel unworthy, but only one to make you feel good about yourself, that is you. Do not keep yourself away from that love.

  • Your focus should be on the things you can control, rather than ponder upon what is not:

Often we find ourselves indulging in thoughts of What if, with an unending meticulous follow-up detail after detail, memories upon memories to follow up, to remind us of those times which were the most difficult so much so as scar installed in our mind and body.

All we want is to somehow change the course of the events completely, to be able to not let things happen that way. We’re taken aback, we need to realize that some things are not in our control while some are - Our past can’t be changed, but what we can do is change our present to shape our future. Instead of the useless round of haunted memories take your lessons to reinvent yourself, reshape for a better version.

  • Remember Sorrow or Joy, everything shall pass:

Remind yourself that time run’s in its own course, and what goes around comes back. It is yet a difficult realization, but learn that everything here is temporary, nothing has its’ call for eternity- good times, bad times have their own cycle to play on and you have to accept so.

Surely, it is very tough to stand still and get through rough days, but what awaits are happy times. In times of joy, we forget the challenges it followed and fall prey to believing that it’ll last forever- this what you need to refocus now, to accept that life’s ride will change tides, but each wave delivers a new lesson- and it is these which actually make what we call life.

A life is carved out to have both sides, and just like a coin some time you toss it for heads, sometimes tails.

  • Money doesn’t equal happiness:

A common misconception of our age & time is believed that money or your bank balance equates to whether you are happy or not. There’s no denying that money is one of the most essential needs of life, but it is not the be-all and need-all.

In our world of visual entice, with so much attraction all around, it is natural to fantasize about what we see, and believe that only money can substantiate our craving for happiness. Sure though buying something on your bucket list will make you happy, but is a momentary lapse. Amidst all, find something which you truly connect to, which truly makes you happy spiritually, mentally, it can be your passion for photography or reading books.

Building relationships is one of the most vital things & aspects. Love, Care, Family, Friends without these we cannot live. We need these emotions to live life.

Best public speakers in India believe in the above five ways as the stepping stone to a new you.

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