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When Life Gets Hard 7 Lessons That will Ease Your Suffering

Suffering is never desired, every human soul wishes every joy, pleasure, happiness, and not pain and tears. Happiness is an eternal & intrinsic quest of humankind since time immemorial & there is no denying this fact. But the undeniable law of life claims Pain and Suffering are inevitable.

To put these as words is quite simple, just a strand of words which can be literally deciphered, but in real life, is it that simple to just accept all those, like a snap of fingers? Well, the answer is a big NO. The trauma, the angst, the vulnerability, pain shatters you bit by bit; it gorges upon you and eats your soul. But how to deal with these?

Well, honestly like much like you hear people say this is a part of life, it’ll go away, there isn’t a need to talk about these, keep it locked inside of you, this blog navigates you saying through Pain and Suffering is not in our hands, that we cannot wipe it out of existence, however, what we can do is know rightly how to cope with it to make it a little less difficult and a little more comforting, says motivational speakers in India for students and business motivational speakers.

When life goes sideways, it becomes difficult to even breathe, let alone find a purpose and meaning. Life turns upside down, but the most important thing to remember, to knock constantly in your head is, this isn’t the end, there’s more to life, there’s more to do, more to live, to wake up to goodness and solace, and it is You who can get yourself any of these.

Healing Takes Time, when tragedy strikes, be it in any form, crisis happens, there are lessons to be learned and incorporated, says famous public speakers in India. Some advice that can help you in your path of healing to recover from your trauma or tragedy.

  • Take Care of Yourself

Easier said than done, but learn to put yourself first on the list, because if you don’t then nobody else would. Learn to embrace yourself and it is never selfish for some self-love. You might have dear ones who are your priority but not to an extent that you have to always give up on your mental solace. Healing after a heartbreak, is very difficult, it changes you emotionally, physically, in all ways, it shatters your soul in pieces, attending to your heart in such is most important. Reflect on yourself, your life, choices, and give yourself time.

  • Embrace the feeling

Do not shut yourself emotionally; let those feelings and pain ooze out. Feel them, no matter what they are or how difficult, give yourself time to absorb these hard felt emotions, sorrow and pain; do not force yourself to block these away. Mot case, you just dive in work, a strenuous continuous life routine to push getting to terms with these memories. But, the more you try to bury it, the more difficult it gets. Use your own ways - creative, or meditation to run the difficulties out of your system.

  • Take a Break when you need

It is necessary to give some time away for yourself, believes every best motivational speaker in India. Living in this non-stop hustle of rebound pain and suffering is a cycle, but it is necessary to getaway. To break the chains of monotony, to set aside whatever is going to rejuvenate the soul and mind. Remind yourself what brings you joy, and does not make you feel lonely when you’re alone.

More so, a change in the pattern will help to clear things up for you, maybe channel you in a different perspective or direction.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is a much stronger word than you realize. Accepting makes it a lot easy for you, be it accepting yourself or your situation. We know one thing, for sure that what has been done cannot be changed, but what we can do is accept it, accept the loss, and move past it. Do not move backward, but forwards, and this can only happen if you fully own up to the situation.

  • Forgive, but not forget

Forgiving does not necessarily mean forgetting, it is choosing to keep the negative feelings past to not let them define who you are. Forgiveness increases the feelings of happiness, and let go of your anger and anxiety. However, there is no ground rule to shove it off in a locked box, learn from it. You definitely should recover, but keep the jitters of it alive, so that you do not make another such mistake.

  • Life is a sea ride to learn

Life is a ride, and you are the sailor, while traveling there would be many hurdles, many obstacles, to shake your determination and shake you apart at times with some throwing unknown beyond your scariest dream situations. But it is all about getting through it, standing still to endure and learning to believe in yourself and dream and work hard. True you’ll break down, but it is to piece them together and rise stronger. Remember, you can never please everyone, nor do you need to agree with everyone, we all want to be loved and respected but not if it is at the expense of your integrity.

  • It always never turns out in the way you want

You should accept that life doesn’t always turn out in the way you wished for; there can be an unexpected turn of things. Sure it is very hard to accept and stream yourself through it, but take the support, don’t drift away from people, who genuinely care. If necessary, seek professional people. If you find yourself gasping and not being able to breathe in the locked room, talk to someone, let out every ounce of that pain. Sure though, it’ll take time, time to heal, it is very much a snap of fingers and you feel better. Give yourself that time to recover and revive.

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