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Water Heroes - Vineet Tandon

Updated: May 17, 2020

Last year in August 2019, we did a talk called #Boondein at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi. The talk was attended by over 2600 students, teachers and faculty members of the various NDMC schools in the city. The talk focused around #Career #Development and raising #Water #Consciousness of children on the water crisis that was facing Delhi. For the purpose of the talk, we curated a song called #Paani which was an instant hit with the students. We also performed this song at The World Water Summit in New Delhi which was widely appreciated. You can watch the #PaaniSong towards the end part of this video here

Later in October 2019, we applied to the then ongoing Digital Campaign who were inviting innovative work done by for showcasing in the #Water #Heroes campaign organized by #MinistryofJalShakti #DepartmentofWaterResources #RiverDevelopment and #GangaRejuvenation. We honestly had no clue if we would win or stand a chance in this campaign.

Yesterday, we received an email announcing that our submission was one of the winners in the Water Heroes campaign. We feel happy, thrilled and looking forward to more. Thank you #NDMC team for hosting the event and thank you #DrAnil #WorldWaterSummit for inviting us.

Thank you everyone for your blessings and appreciating our work.

Vineet Tandon is a Motivational Speaker. He regularly conducts musical motivational talks across the country and is on a mission to inspire people globally.

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