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Suno Ek Kahani - The Startup Song

Suno Ek Kahani - The #StartUpSong is the narrative of every start up #founder who is passionate about his ideas, has risked everything to make his ideas work and succeed.

Like many #entrepreneurs, this song represent the journey of a founder who struggles to find his place under the sun; has little or no connections in the influencer community; has little savings; is not supported by investors; faces multiple rejections and is on the verge of calling it a day!

That's when he discover the art of creating a new song, to change and find a new customer base and a new way of selling to his offerings.

This song is very personal to me as it somehow reflects my own journey through the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur after i decided to hang my boots as Head Marketing of a business vertical of #HCL. The song also showcases the challenges of forming and scaling a team with limited resources.

Dedicated to all the first generation entrepreneurs, this song is a food for thought to the spirit of #entrepreneurship; to the spirit of never giving up; to the spirit of rising every-time you fail; to the spirit of bouncing back even more strongly when your ideas are crushed - time and over again till you find a way out. I am an entrepreneur and like most entrepreneur #startup pitch presentations this video is not perfect! We lacked everything needed to put together a professional quality video. All we had was a genuine intent and a powerful narrative.

If you like it, do share this video and spread the word. May be a friend who is struggling as an entrepreneur will find hope; may be someone close you know, who is about to quit, will give it one more try and will discover a new song, a new product, a new way to try their idea one more time.

Thanks everyone for being who you are!

Lyrics, Composition & Music: Copyright (C) 2020 - #VineetTandon - India's First and Only Musical Motivational Speaker

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