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Music was my Hero - Anita Karwal, Chairperson CBSE

Music plays a very important role in our lives. For some it is a healer, for some it provides a necessary escape from the struggles of life and for a few others it can also be a Childhood Hero too! Yes, that's what Anita Karwal, an IAS Officer and currently the Chairperson of CBSE had to say about her association with music.

In this five minute Podcast, Music was Her Hero - on The Chords of Life, Anita shares her perspective on music, the way it used to inspire her and the importance of music in cognitive development... So next time your child sings or plays the table, think of the possibilities of what they can be!

The podcast is available on all leading podcasting platforms and all you need to do is to click on any of the links given below to play the episode.

Spotify: Click Here

Apple Podcasts: Click Here

Google Podcasts: Click Here

Anchor: Click Here

Podcast Duration: Approx 5 Minutes

Thanks for your time and hope you liked listening to this interesting podcast.

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