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Always on Facebook? You can make a career with Facebook

Go anywhere – college, market, train, bus-stop – one common sight that is visible these days is that more and more people are glued on to their mobile phones almost once every few minutes. They may be reading news, looking at WhatsApp messages, listening to motivational speakers or just checking out the status of their friends on Facebook or Instagram. According to research, people spend almost a day online in an entire week glued only to social media.

How to be a Facebook Marketer?

Higher time spent on mobile offers a significant opportunity for advertisers who are looking to target these people for selling their products and services. However, not everyone is familiar with social media and how it works. Hence, it is also an opportunity for youth like you who are always on Facebook to earn money and build a business. So, if you love Facebook and know a lot of clients / local small businesses who can benefit from advertising on social media, you can make a career using Facebook marketing tools. Here’s a quick start guide to make a career in Facebook Marketing:

1. Qualifications:

While a graduation degree and understanding of business is helpful, you don’t need any fancy education or qualifications to start using Facebook Marketing tools. It is a similar case when it comes to some of the best motivational speakers in India. Even they did not have any prior knowledge or training in public speaking, they successfully inspired others. This is why anyone can be a marketer for Facebook. You need to know the medium, open a Facebook Business Account (which doesn’t cost anything) and you can start using the Facebook Marketing tool to earn a living or make it a profitable business.

2. Resources:

To start with, all you need is an internet connection, a valid business account on Facebook and a credit card (because Facebook charges money via credit card). However, when your business grows, you can engage in a formal contract with Facebook and get the payment terms modified as per the business volume you handle for Facebook. Prior knowledge of image design etc can come in handy.

3. Understand Facebook Targeting Tools:

Facebook offers precise marketing tools wherein you can do a campaign for any client in almost any location. For example, if you are in Delhi and you want to target only Parpatganj or you are in Allahabad and want to target only Civil Lines people, you can do that with Facebook. You can also do interest-based targeting – for example, if a client of yours wants to show their ads to only iPhone users or only to teachers or to people who have an interest in Yoga that is possible too. You can do an age group and gender-based targeting as well.

4. Prior Experience & Managing Client Needs:

While anyone can start using Facebook Marketing tools, prior knowledge of marketing, sales and product design are helpful. After all, you will be using this knowledge and application for doing campaigns for your customers. If your customers don’t get results then your business will not grow. If we take the top motivational speakers in India as a case study, we can see how they cater to their audience. They know the kind of people who will be listening to them and therefore curate their speeches accordingly. Hence, it is important to understand client business, the client needs and manage expectations and deliver results.

5. Certifications:

Like Google offers AdWords Certifications, Facebook offers Blueprint Certification which is available for anyone who is interested in learning about Facebook Marketing and Advertising features. Blueprint Certification by Facebook is like the Blackbelt Certification in Karate and prepares people for excellence in Facebook Advertising. This certification is of two types and includes Media Buying and Media Planning. These two certifications prepare you as an ace Facebook Marketing Professional and allow you to handle client campaigns successfully irrespective of the budget size.

6. Where to Find Clients & How Much You Can Earn:

Clients can be anyone running a business and wants to earn more or generate more. For example, a school during admission season can be your client or some of the best public speakers in India looking to expand their audience can be your clients. Likewise, a travel agent who wants to increase his sales can be your client as well. A small kirana shop that wants to target the nearby community can be your client too. As a Facebook Marketer, you make money by charging “Campaign Management Fees” which is typically charged 12-15% of the client media spend. For example, if your advertiser spends 1 Lakh rupees, you can approximately earn 15K from one client only. Since small businesses may spend lesser amounts, you will need a good number of clients for you to earn handsomely.

Therefore we see how a career in Facebook marketing can be quite easy and lucrative as well. While you need close to no special qualifications, getting this job can seriously set your path as a working man or woman and help you grow in the job.

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