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Lord Krishna, The New Age Management Guru!

Lord Krishna, The New Age Management Guru!

For generations, Lord Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita have captivated and enthralled the Indian intellect. It still inspires millions of people across the globe today. The Bhagavad Gita is a discourse between Lord Krishna and warrior Arjuna during the epic battle of Mahabharata, which took place approximately 3100 B.C.E. Lord Krishna offers significant information to a befuddled and agitated Arjuna, who is faced with the moral and ethical quandary of fighting for righteousness or battling his own. Arjuna could only see his uncles, grandfathers, instructors, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandkids and companions on the battlefield. Seeing his confusion, Lord Krishna imparted wisdom to his friend and disciple, Arjuna. The knowledge that he gave to his friend and disciple, makes him the first-ever spiritual motivational speaker in India. Following his ideologies, many motivational speakers like Vineet Tandon, now incorporate quotes from Gita and Lord Krishna’s wisdom in their sessions.

The knowledge that Lord Krishna imparted centuries ago, is now used to motivate people and lead them to a path of success. And for this wisdom, Lord Krisha is considered the new-age management guru. How? Let’s find out.

Lord Krishna: A decision-maker and motivational speaker

Lord Krishna is one of the most beloved and worshipped Gods in Hindu mythology. From a managerial standpoint, he is a terrific decision-maker and a leader extraordinaire. Aside from God, he is a real friend, guide, philosopher, motivator, issue solution and path shower for humanity. Every event in his life teaches us a valuable lesson. This makes Lord Krishna the perfect manager. The manager should be able to motivate others. When Arjun arrives at the battlefield, he loses his will to fight. Arjuna was rendered immobile. Arjuna questioned the folly of killing his own kin. He wondered what good victory would be if half his people were dead at the end. Krishna inspired him by intervening and bestowing insight to Arjuna, prompting him to action. His discourse was thereafter dubbed the "Bhagavad Gita."

Sharing Wisdom

A true manager or leader must share their knowledge and experiences with others. As the proverb goes, "knowledge expands when it is shared with others," which, when put into practice, is the finest practice of all. Krishna, known as a 'Sarvagnya,' was never afraid to communicate his ideas with others. When Arjuna was unsure whether to battle his siblings, he reminded him of his mission and showed him how to overcome his fears and doubts, allowing him to focus on his task.

Knew The Goals

Krishna had three specific goals for himself in life. The first is 'Paritrayana Sadhunam,' which means a benefit for good; the second is 'vinashaya dushkritam,' which means to remove bad (thinking); and the third is 'dharma sansthapana,' which means to establish and reinforce good principles. As a manager, he exemplified the need of having clear goals in the business and never allow one's senses to be influenced.


At different times, the manager must assume a distinct position. Krishna does not hesitate to leave his comfort zone when it becomes clear that Jarasandh would not allow the kingdom of Mathura to experience unbroken peace as long as he and Balarama are around. Thus, he chooses to create a new capital at Dwarka and relocate his operations headquarters there to protect the safety of the city's residents.

Strategy Builder And Achiever

The ratio between Pandava and Kaurava warriors was unbalanced. In this case, despite the fact that the Kauravas had a greater army than the Pandavas, the fight could only be won by effective Strategies. The fact that the Pandavas won the fight demonstrates that Krishna was effective not merely in developing ideas but also in putting them into action to achieve victory.

Tactful Communicator

Several times, Krishna roused the Pandavas with his oratory talents and power of speech. He inspired people to serve the good and only the good while also striving for justice. A strong leader or manager is constantly proactive in motivating his colleagues and peers.

Able to Lead From Behind

From behind, Lord Krishna led an army. He was the leader of a distinguished people. Each possesses exceptional prowess, competence, and self-mastery. He also has to deal with folks who are more astute and clever. Although Lord Krishna did not personally participate in the combat as a warrior, the Pandavas won the battle owing to his exceptional leadership abilities. Knowing Krishna's exceptional leadership qualities, Arjuna requested that he not only command the whole endeavour but also personally lead him by taking the role of "Saarthi" (Charioteer), guiding and leading him to success. And, as God, Lord Krishna could have performed everything on his own and taken all credit. But that's probably what leadership is all about: not hogging the spotlight, but making everything a participation activity. A leader is not one who walks, but rather one who walks ahead of others.


Despite being a royal born and a lord, Krishna lived a simple life and was a man of the people. A leader should be humble, honourable and approachable. This will assure his development and advancement. Krishna is the personification of all heavenly potentials (whether hidden or not), and what a wonderful opportunity to discuss Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. Krishan Janmashtami, celebrated with tremendous zeal across the country, represents incarceration in worldly illusions and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu (birth of good) represents vanquishing of evils (both external and internal), leading to enlightenment and peace.

A Role Model

Krishna serves as an example for spiritually-minded leaders and managers. He illustrates that being spiritual does not always imply being weak. It simply means that one's judgments and actions are based on pragmatism, are backed by sound principles, and are motivated by a desire to serve the larger good.

Hopefully, this article was able to answer how Lord Krishna is the new age management Guru. Hence, if you are also managing multiple responsibilities in the corporate world, abide by the values of Lord Krishna that have been recorded in the holy Gita. Many motivational speakers are also there to help you in this process. For instance, Vineet Tandon who is a spiritual motivational speaker uses Custom Lyrics, Mantras, Poetry, and Music to connect with the audience. In many of his motivational sessions at corporate events, he has mentioned Lord Krishna as the management model of modern times. Check out his podcasts for more such sessions.

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