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Learn these qualities from motivational speakers and lighten up your career

Not only in India but globally, many countries celebrate the festival of Diwali in a grandiose style. Festival of the triumph of good over evil, the name ‘Diwali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’ and conjures the return of Lord Rama from exile after a tough terrain of 14 years. It is said that when the diyas (mud lamps) are alighted, their glow illuminates even the darkest of nights which signifies the enlightenment of the soul and the triumph of good over evil. Like diyas, the best motivational speakers in India are capable of lighting you up with their fun stories that have a deeper meaning or lesson entwined and help you for the better.

Are there lessons from Ramayana that we can imbibe to make our career a success? Yes, absolutely! Many motivational speakers have taken inspiration from the many lessons and come up with certain tenets that, if followed, are sure to lighten up your career, just like a diya on the occasion of Diwali!

  • Lighten a Diya of Hope – If you are working hard and not getting success, light a diya of hope and possibilities. Good things take time. Lord Ram had to spend fourteen years in exile before he emerged victorious after defeating demons and devils. Likewise, you will hear the best public speakers in India preaching that any good enterprise takes time and success doesn’t come overnight. You need to continuously work hard and let things happen.

  • Lighten a Diya of Consistent Efforts – Often people think that success is an outcome of luck or connections or purely chance. However, true success is 99% hard work and 1% other things which are beyond us. Don’t be misguided by stories of successful people who have achieved great success overnight. Like the best motivational speakers in India say, having a goal is very important to have in mind. And in order to achieve the same, it is pivotal to work consistently towards it. Plan your efforts, work your plan. Lighten a diya of consistent effort and be assured you will achieve anything that you aspire for in your life.

  • Lighten a Diya of Personal Values – Our values are our barometer of what we are as a person when faced with challenges. A personal value system is a set of principles or ideals that drive and/or guide your behaviour. Your personal value system gives you structure and purpose by helping you determine what is meaningful and important to you. It helps you express who you are and what you stand for and defines your character. Listening to the top motivational speakers in India can help you navigate your personal values, the ones that are important and add to your character, and ones that you need to leave behind for growth and development. Lighten a diya of sustained personal values and take a pledge to commit to those irrespective of the adversities and challenges you face in your career.

  • Lighten a Diya of Skill Enhancement – Rama success in Mahabharata has little to do with the fact that he was son of Dasrath, the king of Ayodhya. He has to use his skills, expertise and judgement to find the challenges in his life. Likewise, today career progression and success is not about degrees or your college placements. You need to continuously enhance your skills, keep adding experience that enhances your value as a professional. If in case you feel down or underestimate yourself saying that you do not have any skill to enhance, it is okay to seek some guidance. Everyone in this world has something that they are good at. To help you explore your talents, you can try listening to videos by motivational speakers that talk about these topics. Sign up for a course or volunteering opportunity to learn something new and lighten a diya of skills enhancement that shapes your life as a professional.

Vineet Tandon is one of the best public speakers in India who can provide a helping hand to you when you try lighting the above-mentioned diyas. Going to one of his sessions will motivate you to do things and tap afoot at the wonderful songs he makes up to make the listeners feel comfortable. Being a staunch believer in communication, he goes by the motto of ‘What have you done creatively today?’ With the help of Mr Tandon, you can learn these qualities to lighten up your career.

Hence, celebrate your Diwali in the truest sense of how it can enrich your career by illuminating the roads of your career journey and sowing the seeds of advice from the top motivational speakers in India to reap great results!

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