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Learn Leadership Lessons from Top Motivational Speakers

As I returned from my walk yesterday evening, I could witness leaves from the trees have fallen all over the park. The autumn season has arrived as I recalled beautiful poetry from Gulzar Saab “Kachche rang utar jaane do, Masaum Hai Guzar Jaane Do” .

Autumn is that time of the year where we bid adieu to the old and embrace the new. Autumn reminds us of our core, moves us to eliminate what we no longer need, and reveals again what is most precious to our very existence. As the season decline, it prompts us to release our attachment to the beauty and excitement our lives have been graced with and prepare us for what follows next. It is one of the best seasons for self-reflection, letting go and establishing a deep spiritual connection with our inner-self. To help you get through these transitioning times, top motivational speakers extend their support as well as their undivided attention to hear out their audience’s issues or problems. They are the ones who can help you get through these times with the help of their personal experiences. After all, even they have gone through a lot of Autumns.

Nature, surroundings and everything we know follows a pattern and autumn is nature’s way of reminding us of this beautiful pattern. Like trees shedding their old leaves to pave the way for new ones, students move from earlier classes into a new class, employees move into a new appraisal cycle and look forward to the next opportunity and career growth. The season of autumn offers wonderful lessons and insights which can shape our lives for the better. To mould these metaphorical lessons for people like you and me, we have many leadership motivational speakers that sort of transcribe the lessons and help make us understand in a much easier fashion. Some useful lessons we can learn from autumn are:

Remember that nothing is permanent: Everything in life happens at the right time. In our own scheme of things, we may plan, work and fail many times over – however, life has its own way of rewarding as well as penalising our efforts. Just like a seed germinates into a sapling as soon as the right conditions exist for its survival. Likewise, we cannot stop the Autumn season from coming when the right time has come. In the words of some of the motivational speakers in india for students, change is the only constant. You cannot hold onto things even if you want to. Letting go is a part of life, one that we all must go through. Things will come and go as per nature’s plan and it may or may not coincide with our planning.

You and your journey is unique: Next time when you look at the autumn season and witness leaves falling from the tree, try to observe the surroundings. Each leaf once basked in glory and was part of the larger tree. Today, it has fallen from its glory and lies on the ground following its own unique path. No two leaves from the tree will follow the same path or journey. Likewise, it is for our lives. We spend our lifetime perfecting the way we learn, making plans and strategies that the future will be a better and happier place. However, tomorrow never comes and when it comes, we have already moved on into a new journey. This is what many business motivational speakers try to convey to their clients. If you look at others and try to compare or moan about their success, you will not go anywhere. Everyone has their own way of getting things right, and so do you. Embrace the opportunities life offers you every day, no matter how imperfect your life may be and dance to the moment that is with you.

When you are done, let go: Loss is often painful. Trees lose their leaves and experience this process of separation and change every year. Every fall, nature goes through this melancholic transition and says goodbye to the cheerful summer that lay ahead. Yet, it lets it go without regrets and welcomes the change. Each fall season demonstrates that it is crucial to let go of the things that belong to the past and welcome what lies ahead. The change may not be completely pleasant, but resisting won’t help either. Many top motivational speakers always say that letting go is natural and necessary in many cases. There is no point sticking to one thing, especially if it hurts us mentally or emotionally. If we don’t let things go and dwell on the past, our personal growth stops and we eventually find ourselves stuck in life.

Give back whatever you can: When fallen tree leaves merge with the soil, the minerals within them are able to enrich the soil and make it fertile. Likewise, the positions, titles, knowledge and skills we acquire can be used to benefit those who do not have access to this knowledge, experience or expertise. If you have a business or corporation, you must have heard many business motivational speakers saying that being charitable is the first way to success. Having a sense of goodwill is a very important thing. Once you reach a certain point, you should always try to give back to the people who brought you to that pedestal. It’s a wonderful way of giving back and enriching yourself.

Have Patience: In the rush for day-to-day living, we are too often constrained for time, allowing us to lose perspective of the bigger picture in life. Falling leaves of the autumn season give us perspective and the opportunity to practice patience. In the universal scheme of things, everything will fall into place at its own pace in its own time. The same goes out for the younger generation. They often tend to get impatient with things going on in their lives. The many motivational speakers in India for students, too, are of the opinion that practising patience imbibes a sense of gratitude in all of us. Have patience and be with the flow.

One of the best leadership motivational speakers in the country, Vineet Tandon, is the perfect guru when it comes to teaching important leadership lessons. He caters to everyone’s needs, be it students or bigwigs of the corporate world, such is his versatility. Through his lessons, speeches, and songs, he tries to imbibe these important principles that one must incorporate in their lives to be a good leader to their people.

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