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Know when to let go!

As I returned from my walk yesterday evening, I could witness leaves from the trees have fallen all over the park. The summer season has arrived as winters disappear probably to come back again, few months later. Changing season is one of the best times for self-reflection, letting go and establishing the deep spiritual connection with our inner-self. Like trees shedding their old leaves to pave way for new ones, students move from earlier classes into new a class, employees move into a new appraisal cycle and look forward to next opportunity and career growth.  Here's what this seasons reminds me of:

Nothing is permanent (and Nature's Plan is supreme): Indeed, however, we tend to forget this and therefore get's attached to everything around. Everything in life happens at the right time. In our own scheme of things, we may plan, work and fail many times over – however, life has its own way of rewarding as well as penalizing our efforts. Just like a seed germinates into a sapling as soon as right conditions exist for its survival, likewise, we cannot stop the summers or winter season to come when right time has come. Thing will come and go as per nature’s plan. Its concurrence with our plans and successes is purely coincidental.

Your Journey is Unique (and Separation is Inevitable): Look at any fallen leaf on the ground. Once it basked in it's glory and was part of a much larger tree. Today, it's on the ground with no sense of identity and proud. No two leaves from the tree will follow a same path or journey. Likewise, is for our lives. We spend our lifetime perfecting the way we learn, making plans and strategies that future will be a better and a happier place. We are all work-in-progress (WIP) version of our own life. The job and titles that we flaunt today don't actually belong to us. It's our karma and when our part is done, we have to move on- whether we like it or not. Loss is often painful. Each fall season demonstrates that it is crucial to let go the things that belong to the past and welcome what lies ahead. The change may not be completely pleasant, but resisting won’t help either.

Give back (whenever / whatever form you can): Fallen trees leaves merge with the soil to make it fertile. Likewise, our positions, titles, knowledge and skills we acquire can be used to benefit those who do not have access to this knowledge, experience or expertise. Give back whenever and in whatever form you want and you can!

Have Patience (For speed in not nature's way of acceleration): Falling leaves gives us perspective and opportunity to practice patience. In the universal scheme of things, everything will fall into place, at its own pace in its own time. Have patience!log you can do everything from your phone: write posts, follow members, manage comments & more. After you publish simply go to your live site on mobile and log in with with your Wix account.

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Life lessons from seasonal changes
Learn what the lesson of Fall can teach you!
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