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Kisi Khayaal Ko Khwaab Mat Hone Do

A lot of people reach out to me to ask how can they take a leap in their creative careers - like how can they be successful musicians, how can they monetize their talent and become successful artists so on. Being a musical motivational speaker myself, i know these challenges are very much real and i also know there aren't any straight forward answers. 

In my quest to search for these answers, i bumped upon the interesting journey of Kavish Seth who is definitely a voice to take note of. Kavish is an IIT Mumbai Graduate, a Poet, Lyrics Writer, Composer and also founder of Zubaan - an initiated to promote independent music. He curated a musical instrument called Noori which is a collaborative instrument that can play different styles of music.

His poetry can mesmerize you, his voice can take you places and his authenticity is his unique signature mark.  If you are an artist or a professional with creative side hustle, there is something we all can learn from his interesting yet exemplary journey.

Podcast Link: Click Here

Podcast Language: Hinglish | Duration: 12 Mins

A Quick Summary of the Podcast is also given below:

1) Learning always helps: Being an IIT Mumbai Graduate and choosing an uncharted territory of independent music was never a cakewalk for Kavish. He however believes that "What one learns and how does one uses it is completely upto an individual". It can be a great enabler in times of crisis when we are essentially confined to stay indoors. De-territorialization and De-familiarization are two interesting models to follow.

2) Creative Careers Need Discipline Too: Like any other professional field of work, people in creative careers need to follow discipline to earn as well. Sustainability without a regular stream of income is not viable and will end up in frustration.

3) Three Things Needed to Be Successful in Creative Careers: Honesty to one's purpose, sustainability and more than 100% commitment.

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