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How to Study For Long Hours with Concentration

This story seems to be a repetition where people never finish studying, even if exams are scheduled in the next month or after a year or after many years there will still be something left to study at the last moment. This is an amazingly brilliant talent for how we manage and how we love to study those last-moment pages. Even the top motivational speakers or motivational speakers in India for students must have faced this same thing at a point in their life, so it is not a defect.

A chemical reaction within you

When you know that there is an exam it is an inert feeling which tells us that there is a long way to go, and no need to study today, it can be studied tomorrow. There is a voice that comes from within giving us advice that you are too early, and now is the time to enjoy.

One more feature about these exams or any task or study is that we feel sleepy exactly the time that we think now we are going to start studying. It is a chemical reaction that happens inside the body and the mind where the body suddenly feels extremely sleepy and tired, and there is never-ending laziness that seems to put the task away from us so and fall asleep. top motivational speakers have tuned themselves to never be affected by this chemical reaction.

Last moment grasping of intrinsic knowledge

All have faced this in their childhood when they get this powerful knowledge only in the last few hours before the exam day. People have always suddenly got up from their graves and realized that half their syllabus is still pending they don't have much time left to study. This comes with a mixed Complex feeling, one which is very powerful and can do the impossible another one which is not in a position to handle the situation at all. This is a tricky situation where one has this challenge to complete but the body is giving way.

Guide to preparation sessions:

There is something called a preparation session, top motivational speakers or motivational speakers in India for students can help them to prepare for the long hours of study for that factors to work on :


You have to sit in the right location and environment to study with a clear place, and all your materials to study beside you, with markers, with comfortable seating as you may need to sit for a prolonged number of hours.

Study ritual: make it a habit of staying focused, studying daily, keeping yourself away from noisy roommates. Everybody will know that this is your study time.

Make a timetable: a timetable helps the sessions of break time with study time.

Tools: try to organize yourself with the applications or tools, which will help you to be faster, find your goals and you can visualize your progress.

Technique: try to find a technique that best suits you to study and grasp what you have studied, it may be the alphabetical order technique or any other trick that will help you to memorize and understand what you have studied. You can also take assistance from motivational speakers in India for students.

Exercise: is also an essential ingredient of this preparation.

The solution to handle last moment pressure:

There are many ways to handle all kinds of pressure you can seek guidance from leadership motivational speakers like Vineet Tandon.

Talking to yourself:

Introspection is a tool explained by leadership motivational speakers or even business motivational speakers to make yourself understand that, this task can be achieved. Once you are convinced that you can do this task then no power on this earth can stop you but if initially you are scared of a failure, and have already decided mentally that this task is unachievable then no matter how easy it is you can never achieve it. It is said that “many people die before their death” the meaning of this is many people already underestimated themselves and already put a tag on themselves that they are a failure so you should always keep motivating. Business motivational speakers use this secret ingredient in their daily life.


You should never compromise with rest because it will hurt the entire working of the body. There will be difficulty focusing if there has not been proper rest for days. It also takes a toll on the health, it is like a marathon that needs to be completed and requires that energy booster before the race which is the secret ingredient. You should try to energize yourself with healthy drinks proper rest.


You must be wondering what this is, this is a researched formula, that if a person takes 17 minutes of rest after 52 minutes of studying this will help in proper concentration. Never be tempted beyond 17 minutes because you may think it is a very small time but these 17 minutes will make a big difference for the completion.

No distraction:

If you have to concentrate, many motivational speakers in India for students will advise keeping away from social media, Instagram, or any other distraction that requires undivided attention. Undivided attention to complete a task.


Curiosity helps to learn things better and faster and mugging becomes boring so to learn something one has to have that curiosity drive to learn faster. Education has worked out new systems that create curiosity in the minds of the student to drive them to study.


If one learns by writing it remains for a longer time in the brain. It is easier to memorize something that is visually experienced, so when you write to visualize and see it grasp it shows the advantages is you are not going to forget it.

If you have to study for long hours, also try to find study groups, group entertaining sessions or ask Each Other questions where it will be like a quiz session. One can even do a learning discussion session, play a game where the study material is learned via games. Leadership motivational speakers help to give quick tips for such life situations.

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