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How To Stop Overthinking: 5 Solutions That Actually Work

"Thinking too much leads to Paralysis by Analysis" by Robert Herjavek

Firstly we have to understand what is overthinking? Thinking essentially is of two types: one is healthy if you think to understand or reason out. On the other hand, overthinking due to stress and anxiety is obsessive thinking which is meaningless. Medically when the cortisol level increases it creates unhealthy overthinking. Top motivational speakers and thought leaders also call over-thinking a chemical imbalance in the brain.

What starts the engine of overthinking?

Recent researchers believe that overthinking may be due to social distancing. The pandemic situation has kept people thinking about the unpredictable future which poses a big danger to humanity. We have had uncertain situations and mentally we are trying to plan out and cope up with different kinds of stress levels which have never been introduced in the past.

Financial instability, illness, uncertainty may also lead to overthinking apart from that certain psychologists say loneliness or fear is also a reason for overthinking. Sometimes it is a habit that is developed in early childhood, while some are dreamers and live in their world of illusion. When there is a conflict and we do an introspection or we reverse play our memory to rectify and find a solution this may cause overthinking.

Warning signs of overthinking

Ø You try to spend more time thinking about the past and want to change something in it.

Ø Always trying to ask the question "what if".

Ø You try to reverse play an event.

Ø Try to recollect conversations and analyze them.

Ø Constantly you try to remind your mistakes.

Ø You can't stop thinking and worrying.

Ø If someone hurts you then dwelling on it.

Ø You are trying to push away from the world and getting into a space of your own.

Ø Having signs of an introvert.

Ø Trying to revive embarrassing moments in the mind over again and over again.

Ø Ponder on unnecessary activities. Top motivational speakers like Vineet Tandon videos one must watch for a better life.

Is overthinking a disability?

Yes, overthinking can come under the category of a kind of handicapped behavior. It is a nuisance and can cause depression, insomnia, paralysis. You may find it very difficult to do any problem solving, it may be accompanied by headaches and fatigue, this situation prolongs then it may also cause muscle tension and shortness of breath with other digestive disorders and short-term memory loss. In severe cases, excessive overthinking may cause even a heart attack. Save yourself from this take guidance from great motivational speakers.

How to make this overthinking engine stop?

Can overthinking be switched on and off and if yes, then where is that button? Top motivational speakers can help you to find this button.

We, humans, are a bundle of talent, we can make the impossible happen. We have all the buttons of control within ourselves the only trick is to know the button and act at the right time. for example when there is a fire if a person reacts on time and extinguishes it, then he can be saved from a lot of damages but on seeing the Fire if the person waits then it is meaningless coming into action later as the damage is already done. Similarly, it is no use if we know the button to stop the engine from overthinking but not reacting on time or working to stop that button immediately.

Timely solutions to help overcome overthinking

We all do some kind of overthinking at a given point in time. But it becomes problematic when it is overdone. You can view videos of some great motivational speakers or famous public speakers in India or leadership motivational speakers who can trigger your brain to think of some tricks and changes in Lifestyle which may help this disability from becoming a permanent resident.

I. Let go of your past: you must stop pondering in the past and live in the present moment and take control of the mind with your emotions and become a master in doing so. Stop worrying and don't replay on the incomplete Desires which could not be achieved in the past because it is going to do no good. Leadership motivational speakers will always tell you to bury the past and be optimistic. networking or family support: when you get mixed feelings can't find a solution it is always good to talk to the people around you and to take family support or if you are into social networking then you must try to network and find the solution by interaction with people who faced similar situations and how they have dealt with it. There are videos of famous public speakers in India.

III. Relaxation, meditation, and healthy lifestyle and diet:

Meditation helps to declutter space in your brain and allows you to think, as clutter destroys clarity and so you should destroy the clutter to be clear in your thoughts. Meditation helps you to free yourself and your mind and keeps you calm and helps you to overcome different levels of stress. You have to have a healthy lifestyle of eating good food on time and with the required amounts of proteins, minerals required for the brain functioning.

IV. Destroy destructive thought: negative thoughts should be rushed outside the brain, any sad or depressing feeling should be removed immediately. When a single thought starts churning over and over again there are conflicts within the brain.

V. Consult your doctor or take the help of a professional therapist

If overthinking cannot be controlled by the above ways then you have to visit a doctor who can help through medication like antidepressants etc. psychological counseling can also help to cope up with issues through different therapies, strategies, and treatment programs. Take guidance from famous public speakers in India

Man is very powerful, you can make yourself what you aspire to become. What you think in your mind you will experience in reality, so it is very essential to do healthy thinking and avoid unnecessary thoughts. life is like a boat sailing smoothly, if you control yourself and your mind, even if a thunderstorm strikes you are sure to reach your shore soon, without getting struck by any thunderstorm of fear, anger, depression, or jealousy.

Abolish slavery by unlocking your mind from a single thought that is trapped in your brain and set it free, you will be amazed to watch the highest flight it can reach!!!

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