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How To Boost Your Productivity

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The quests for better productivity loom larger than that for elusive happiness. Like the art of happiness, improving your productivity is also not any rocket science as per the Best Motivational Speakers in India. Working hours don't matter as much as what you accomplish during those hours. Our current method of working hasn't worked for quite some time now. Having to check our emails the moment we arise, drinking too much coffee, and commuting for hours twice each day. All of these things harm our work and our lives.

So, instead of working long hours, try these tried-and-tested tips from the Best Motivational Speakers in India to become more productive:

1. Keep a regular schedule of breaks.

You may think it sounds counterintuitive, but taking short breaks allows you to focus, refocus, be creative, and remember more. Working continuously leads to exhaustion, stress, and decision fatigue after a long stretch. Taking frequent breaks to replenish your mind at work will increase your efficiency.

2. Single-tasking is the key to success.

Multitasking is not in the human brain's wiring. Multitasking hinders focus, hinders working memory, and makes you feel more stressed and mentally tired. Concentrate only on one task at a time to increase productivity. Moreover, all the Motivational Speakers India approves that reducing burnout requires avoiding over-committing and determining your priorities regularly.

3. Embrace the Two-minute rule.

The fundamental idea is that any task that can be completed in two minutes should be done right away because returning to it later will take longer. Answering emails, making your bed, and doing the dishes are common daily tasks. By eliminating procrastination and helping you accomplish more tasks in a day, this time-management strategy can drastically increase your productivity as the Best Motivational Speakers in India say.

4. Plan it today for tomorrow.

Every night, make a plan for the following day. To-do lists can be a great productivity tool, as you may already know. Staying organized and focused is easier with them according to motivational speakers. You can get a jump start on your morning by creating a to-do list before bed. You already know what you need to do for the day. Despite this, you should not add more than two or three items to your task list. Maintain a realistic and simple perspective. Compiling a long list of items will only make you overwhelmed and disoriented.

5. Make the most of your commute.

Utilize those precious hours to gain more knowledge, instead of wasting them on social media. Listen to a good podcast of Top Motivational Speakers or read thought-provoking articles. Learn something new and constructive. Consider planning important tasks and responding to emails during that time.

6. Take charge of your organization.

Messy workspaces lead to less productivity, which leads to more frustration. You cannot concentrate or process information if your brain is cluttered. Stress and fatigue are caused by this, in turn. Declutter your workspace to improve mental health and productivity. Remove everything that isn't essential and assign it a proper place. All the Business Motivational Speakers suggest, cleaning up your work desk before you leave for the day is the best way to stay organized without being overwhelmed or exhausted.

7. Put an end to digital distractions.

Set a time limit for your Internet usage. Enable silent mode on your phone or disable app notifications. And take the advice of Famous Public Speakers in India to keep updates to a minimum while working to avoid being distracted.

8. List all the things you don't want to do.

Creating a not-to-do list is just as important as creating a to-do list. To become more productive, you need to make a list of all of the activities you intend to stop and replace with other activities. Take some time to analyze what you could have done differently, what tasks don't contribute to your professional and personal goals, and what unproductive habits need to be removed.

9. Get enough sleep

If you lack sleep, your efficiency will decline and you will make more mistakes. Well-rested individuals enjoy improved moods, enhanced creativity, lower stress levels, and better memory. Taking split-second decisions with accuracy is made easier as you sharpen your focus. As well as setting up a healthy morning routine, productivity is greatly aided by setting yourself up for the day.

10. Treat Yourself

The reward system will give you motivation and help you stay focused for your study sessions, with your reward coming at the end of it all. Therefore, reward yourself every time you finish a tricky essay, a revision day, or a revision cycle. It doesn't matter how big or small you think it should be. You could reward yourself with listening to podcasts, watching movies, or going for coffee with a friend. The small thrill associated with a reward after finishing a certain project will motivate you enough to continue.

11. Don't rush

Be careful not to speed up. Do not try to race through tasks you need to accomplish as you will not complete them well. It is better to slow down rather than speed up to accomplish better and more focused work. Essentially, if you do things slowly, you will feel less burdened and more inclined not to procrastinate.


In the search to figure out how to become more productive, we are looking for a way to accomplish our goals while still having time to spend on the things that matter. For our lives to become more productive and fulfilling, most of us want to learn how to increase productivity and to improve our time management strategies. Despite our best efforts, we can sometimes find ourselves distracted by everything, everywhere. It is also essential to have the mental energy, motivation, and alertness to be productive. This can often happen when you're naturally enjoying the work you're doing. Make these productivity-oriented strategies part of your daily routine today to transform your life.

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