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Happiness During Social Distancing

March 20 was International Day of Happiness and the theme chosen for this year was being Happier Together. However, with the outbreak of #COVID19, forget happiness, the recommended course of action is “social distancing”, so as to prevent and contain the outbreak of disease any further. Can we be happy living in isolation? Does happiness necessarily involve being close to people? Does happiness and its meaning change if our environment change? What can we do to be happy in times of social distancing?

Happiness (or lack of it) is omnipresent. Lot depends upon our mental construct how and do we perceive it. For some of us it is in the present moment, for others it is an enduring experience. For some of us, it is about reliving experiences of the past and for some of us it is about imagining the future. Listen to this Podcast - Happiness During Times of Social Distancing to find your serving of happiness:

Podcast Link: Click Here

Podcast Language: English | Duration: 6 Mins

A Quick Summary of the Podcast is also given below:

1) Use Technology: It can be a great enabler in times of crisis when we are essentially confined to stay indoors.

2) Re-visit Old Hobbies: Pick up your old hobbies (things you always wanted to do but never got enough time to pursue) will provide much needed escape from pessimism that’s all over.

3) Be Innovative: Let not the feeling of staying home compound your troubles by choosing a flavor of sadness. People around the world are innovating the way they cook, the way they do lectures, the way classes are held, the way they relax and so on. Try out something different.

4) Pick Up A New Skill: Attending an online course will not only occupy your mind, sharpen your skill-sets but will also keep you away from the unhappiness that stems from nothingness.

5) Follow Gratitude: Gratitude polarize our mind towards the positive things, thus removing unwanted unhappiness that can crop up every now and then in times like these.

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