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Earth Day - Campaigns alone wont work, Action is need of the hour!

Every year April 22 is celebrated as the Earth Day worldwide to demonstrate support for worldwide environmental causes. In 2020 Earth Day would be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. I have seen this movement grow from the time i was in school. Unfortunately, while the Earth Day movement and campaigns around it have increased, environment deterioration has grown inversely. Simple things have become complex. Earlier we would breath in fresh air, today in most metros we need Pollution Masks. Earlier i used to drink tap water at home and now even RO water is not considered safe for drinking. Earlier, i would sleep in a fan, today, even AC's aren't enough!

Yuval Noah Harari in his book Homo Deus says, "War is increasingly obsolete; famine is rare; disease is on the retreat around the world". The world has not become a better place and AI and predicted advances in technology alone can't help either. The way environmental changes are happening, the way society is transforming and the way the complexities of the future unfold, it is possible big threats like Global Warming, Iceberg Melting are catastrophes that are just waiting to happen. The impact will be too dreadful to imagine. And that's the time our second and third generation would be inhabiting this planet. We are all busy creating assets for our future generations to live their lives well. We are building houses, creating investments that will yield returns in next 30-40 years. But my question is where will they live if the ecosystem is damaged at this pace?

Someone rightly said, we haven't inherited the world from our parents. We have borrowed it from our children! Let's sensitize everyone around us and let's do something (every little step counts) to make our planet a better place!

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