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Developing School Leaders - Ashok Pandey

Of the many challenges Indian Education System faces, one that always bothers me is the quality and quantity of teachers in the Indian Education System (across schools, colleges, universities and autonomous institutions).

  • I mean at First there is more than adequate shortage of teachers in the country (despite of the fact that we keep talking about our demographic advantage);

  • Second, teaching is no where closer to being considered as a preferred career of choice (which means most individuals who are in teaching are rarely cut-out for the task) and

  • Third teachers who are serious about their profession and are willing to put their heart and soul into it, rarely have good mentors and hardly do they have a clear career growth path.

In my quest to seek answers to some of these questions, i reached out to Ashok Pandey Sir, Educationist and Director Ahlcon Group of Schools who passionately shared his own journey and perspective on "What does it take a school teacher to transition into a School Principal"?

If you are a teacher seeking career growth or a school leader seeking inspiration to groom next level of leadership, this podcast offers a very passionate account from the life of a teacher, mentor, educationist and a thought leader!

Listen to the Podcast at any of the links below:

Podcast Language: In English | Listening Time: Approx 35 Minutes

Podcast Type: In-depth Interview

Download the podcast to listen at leisure / at your own pace.

On this Website: Link Here

On Spotify: Link Here

On Google Podcasts: Link Here

On Apple Podcasts: Link Here

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