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Creating a Better Future - UDGAM

It was a pleasant morning in Ahmedabad and i was at UDGAM School For Children in Ahmedabad. At sharp 7:20 am, the school ball rang and for a while it was a flashback moment of my life - reminding me of my school days.

Interacting with school children is always joyful and the interaction gets amplified when you engage with them in a language they understand and style they relate to. Imagine, 200+ children reciting Kabir Verses with a twist of Artificial Intelligence - that's possible only during musical motivational talks.

My sincere thanks to Radhika Ma'am (Director), Sujata Tandon (Principal), and every other team member who made this possible! Thanks Ishwar Bhai Ji, you were dot on time!

Here are some glimpses from the session today:

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