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Caught In The Wrong Job?

Caught in the wrong job? This was a campaign introduced few years back by one of the leading job portals in the country. Well, in this post, i am not deliberating on the success of that particular campaign, but on the very idea of the campaign "Caught In The Wrong Job" and how it impacts our personal well-being and performance at work. Here is what you can to do start your journey to the preferred career of your choice:

1) Transition will never be easy: Many people don't even acknowledge that they are caught in the wrong job and those who do, rarely are able to garner the courage needed to make the transition. The transition will rarely be smooth and the transition journey will surely have more than adequate twists and turns. Tactics like: you are not prepared, you don't have right experience, you don't have right money only defer the problem and don't eliminate it. Adding few more years of experience or delaying the career transition won't solve the problem. However, it you are relentless in your pursuit and courageous enough to cross the chasm (of leaving a full-time job) then, trust me, the journey may be more than worth the ride.

2) Get Details: Just like when you apply for a course in a college you do your homework and find out every detail possible, so is with career transition. Talk to people who are in similar careers and get right piece of information. May be the career you aspire is not rewarding or may be the rewards will come much later. Take a judicious decision basis all the details you have captured.

3) Challenges will be there: Our career is not a linear equation and when we are in the process of career transition, the equation becomes a problem of probability. Challenges will always be there and will come in all packs and sizes. Be ready to embrace them and no one can prepare for all eventualities.

4) Work out a deal with your family: It's good to have your support system in place when planning a career transition. Your family wants you to succeed and may be they see a risk in your switching careers. Not everyone will understand your dissatisfaction and that's OK. However, you need to work hard and work out a deal with them - stating what is at risk, what have you taken care off and what is the fall back plan if the transition didn't work out well.

A Hindi version of this article appeared in #DainikJagran today. What do you think?

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