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Career in Blockchain Technologies. Are you ready?

Updated: May 11, 2021

For a decade, there has been a lot of change in technology due to innovation. A lot is talked about Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Robotic Automation, and Blockchain. These technologies have shown immense potential in various applications, and blockchain has certainly fulfilled the promise of evolving as one of the mainstay technologies. Numerous financial institutions, startups, and traditional enterprises are already either using or experimenting with the technology with great success. This provides a tremendous opportunity for young technologists to consider and further their careers in the blockchain. If you are someone who likes to constantly upgrade your skills or an aspiring user, investor, or developer, you should learn blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The term “blockchain” draws many speculations, and it makes it confusing and complex for blockchain career opportunists. However, once you split the words ‘Block’ and ‘Chain,’ it is simple to understand that it is the block of data stacked up or stored in a chain of computer networks. Blockchain is a distributed data store. As opposed to traditional data repositories, which store data in centralized servers and server clusters, Blockchain creates copies of its ledger and stores it on millions of computers, also called nodes. A reasonable number of nodes must validate every new record before it is registered. Once confirmed, the record is stored in the ledger and propagated across the network of participating nodes.

What skills do you need to get started in Blockchain?

Candidates interested in Blockchain should have a basic understanding of data analytics, software development, and system architecture. Knowledge of the following technologies: APIs, React, Java, C++, Solidity, Truffle, CSS, and HTML is useful though not mandatory. Various streams of career include cryptography, content writing, python, and web design.

What are the career options available in Blockchain?


Considering the importance associated with online security and identity theft, this sector will offer innumerable opportunities. Majorly it would usher changes in the way we engage in global banking and payments.

Media Recordkeeping is valuable for journalism: it allows us to maintain archives that can’t be censored or altered after the fact. We can amend previous records only through addenda without erasing old records. This is the first benefit of block-chain technology to the free press, and this benefit alone makes it worth moving our news media into block-chain-based publishing systems.

Cyber World

Block-chain technology can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to offering a bevy of solutions across various streams to curtail the flow of digital identity issues, where identities, in most of the cases, are uniquely authenticated in immutable and through secure processes.

Crime As the latest technologies grace the alleys of blockchain technologies, there are startups that have claimed through its software that it can be of a helping hand in nabbing criminals through faster and cheaper means.

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