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Billionaire or Bulanaire – What you want to be?

Most of us, especially, if born in a middle-class family aspire to break out and one day become super successful or superrich or maybe a billionaire. After all, rich people are super successful, super powerful, the who's who of the world we live in and go on to become great motivational speakers. Everyone wants to join the super-elite club not even knowing if all those super-elite are only rich or even happy? We read reports in the media, we follow the Top 100 surveys and get influenced by the power, authority and influence that these super-rich people bring. However, talk about happiness, and not many would score high on these metrics. According to a Gallup poll, happiness is generally decreasing worldwide.

Who is a Bulanaire?

However, there is a new trend that’s catching up and this is a list worth watching out too! In the country of Fiji, the happiness of its citizens is trending upwards. It’s not that Fiji citizens lack the stressors of everyday life - the people there just deal with them in a different way. Fijians see happiness as not just a feeling, but a lifestyle. Happy is the new rich and Bulanaires are the people who are rich in happiness. Bulanaires are defined by their compassion, altruism and relentless prioritization of happiness for themselves and others. I mean who would not be happy doing what they want to do. For instance, famous public speakers in India are doing what they want to by inspiring and educating people. This is what a true Culinaire strives for.

So what would you want to be? I am not saying one comes at the cost of another, but I am sure you wouldn’t want to be rich at the cost of happiness? Isn’t it? What is different about these bulanaires and how you can become one?

  • They trust themselves

We all have our moments of doubt when we question ourselves or are unsure about our decisions. Not the bulanaires. These people mostly trust themselves and when faced with doubt they follow their instinct to solve complex issues of life. They have very limited negative thoughts in their lives.

  • They have identified life purpose

A bulanaire will not worry about clearing an entrance examination or holding a position in their career. They are purpose-driven and that’s what determines what they do in their lives. If you see top motivational speakers as an example, you can clearly understand that their purpose is to motivate and inspire others. Generally, life purpose is a larger goal that makes the world a better and beautiful place and is seldom about wealth accumulation or being super-rich.

  • They practice positive self-talk

While most people look towards leadership motivational speakers for self-confidence and motivation, most bulanaires practice positive self-talk that eliminates comparisons and all forms of negativity from their lives. Since they are not taking help from any external people, it increases their contedness with their own selves and they do not bother about others.

  • They practice gratitude

Not that bulanaires are born with a silver spoon and that everything in their life is perfect. However, they practice gratitude, which enhances self-esteem and amplifies happiness.

In a world that is getting increasingly toxic and unhealthy, focussing on your happiness and perhaps, being a bulanaire probably would not be the worst thing ever.

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