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Become the best version of you with the help of top motivational speakers

Recently Jack Ma, the Chairman of Alibaba Group, the World’s largest e-commerce company, announced his retirement. Born and brought up in a communist nation, he was mediocre and failed entrance examinations twice. He built few internet companies, which failed as well. Starting his career as a teacher, his story of building the biggest e-commerce company is nothing less than spectacular. He has enough inspirational anecdotes under his belt that can qualify him as one of the great motivational speakers. He is just 55 years old, with a personal wealth of over $30 Billion, and one of the wealthiest persons in the world. What is it that aspiring individuals can learn from him? Here are some unusual lessons from his life:

Fail Fast: While this may sound contrary to what most of us believe in, however, when you increase the speed of your failures, that’s when you eliminate what is not working for you. This is something even the top motivational speakers say to their listeners. Failing is important as you get an idea of the thing you should not be doing. If we get success early, it may blur our ideas and way of thinking, which will hamper ourselves in the process. Go full speed on whatever your chosen path is. If you fail, fail fast, and keep doing it till all failures are tried, tested, and eliminated.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a godfather: Often, we feel that we don’t have a godfather or connections and we have to struggle our way to the top. Jack Ma feels this is not required. Many leadership motivational speakers will agree to this tenet. Having connections won’t guarantee results if you are not capable enough. If you do not have a way of connecting to people or running your enterprise with good reasoning, no one will be able to help you. All you need is a good product or a service and customers who are willing to pay for it. When you become successful, connections will come to you on your own.

Build Success Everywhere: Success is a positive spiral. If you are successful, start investing your time, money, and resources in making others successful. It is very straightforward. What goes around comes around. Help people who are struggling to build a business or give a chance to people who need a break. Great motivational speakers have always asked people to help others in need. One of the reasons behind your success can be that you were chosen to be a charitable being and guide others on the winding path of success.

Money can make you rich. Karma makes you happy – Don’t confuse money with happiness. If rich people were really happy, the world would have been a different place. Likewise, if all people who are not rich were unhappy, the world we live in today wouldn’t even exist. Some of the famous public speakers in India always stress the importance of valuing your happiness over others. And in order to attain the same, you have to learn to be nice to others and more importantly, be nice to yourself. If you start giving yourself a hard time, then even all the money in the bank won’t be able to help you.

Do not give up. No matter what happens! - The moment we give up pursuing our dreams is the moment we fail. Top motivational speakers tell us how we should not succumb to giving up, and they are absolutely right. There was a reason you decided to have those dreams. And because of them, you started the work to achieve them. If patience is not involved, then nothing can be achieved. After all the hard work, the end result will be the sweetest thing ever, as you can see in Jack Ma’s life.

Another man from whom we can learn to be the best versions of ourselves is none other than Vineet Tandon. Being amongst the famous public speakers in India, it is natural that his talents of persuading people to motivate themselves in unrivaled. Being a jack of all trades as well as a master of them all, he will surely tell you the best ways through which you can call out to the best version of yourself.

Hence we see how from the normal life of Jack Ma, he discovered his true calling to be an entrepreneur, which helped him to bring out his best self. The lessons his life comes with are very important and should be disseminated by the best leadership motivational speakers. After all, we all have that best version waiting for someone to bring it out.

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