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Be the superhero of your Career

Batman, Superman, Spiderman … All of them have superpowers you can only dream of. However, while we may never have the ability to fly, be invisible, or shoot lasers out of our eyes, each of us have our own set of superpowers that are uniquely human and just as amazing as them. When you learn to harness them, you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some of the tips on how to be the superhero of your own life:

Spend your time wisely

You don’t need to be a superhero to realise that time is the most valuable asset in the world. So ask yourself: are you making good use of your time? Most people aren’t. We watch too much TV, spend too much time on social media and don’t understand the difference between being busy and productive. If your busy work isn’t giving you results, it’s not productive.

Don’t underestimate yourself

No matter whether it is Batman or Spiderman, when faced with unconquerable challenges, even superheroes have their own share of self-doubt. Likewise, you may be starting your career as a fresher or you may be taking up a new job with additional responsibilities. Say goodbye to all the self-doubt that keeps coming in your mind. Trust yourself and believe that things will be good.

Be humble

Humanity is one of the most admirable qualities of superheroes. Allow others on your team to be the stars of the show. Superheroes don’t crave to be on the spotlight or demand attention. They sit quietly behind the scenes and allow others to shine. That’s the mark of a true hero.

Make mistakes

Lives of superheroes may appear heroic, but the story of each superhero teaches us important lessons about failures too. Being armed with superpowers it is easy to imagine that they can win against all odds or can combat against all failures. However, they make their own mistakes and have their own weaknesses too. Likewise, when out of college, armed with the best degrees and qualifications, you may feel that you can solve any life puzzle or business problems and can become a success overnight. However, life doesn’t happen as expected. So, when you make a mistake, take it in your stride, learn and move on.

Don’t compromise on your values and character

We all know that superheroes have special powers, however, have we ever seen them using it for wrong? No. Their character and value system is equally important. Likewise, in your life, even if you become strong, hold an important position of power, don’t ever compromise with your character and use that power for wrong. You may succeed in the short term, however, you may eventually fail miserably.

Anyone can become the superhero of their own life by following the right path. Have a humble mind and stay positive. Listening to great motivational speakers can be quite inspiring. Vineet Tandon is known to be one of the best motivational speakers in India.

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