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Barvi Ka Result

Class XII Results or Barvi Ka Result as popularly called in Hindi is an important milestone in the lives of students. Every year, millions and millions of students appear for Class XII exams and the "Performance Pressure" is widely evident amongst children, parents and the entire ecosystem. Much before children reach class XII their lifestyles are altered as if clearing CLass XII will solve every problem and challenge of life. Children are no longer allowed to go and play, they have severe restrictions on watching television and internet and they are given one clear mandate - score well in class XII and you will succeed in everything else in your life?

While a handful of students do score phenomenally well marks (read 490 and above out of 500), there is a considerable number of students who aren't able to score 90% and above. Are these students not good? Just because they have not made it to the top, does it mean we should certify and label them as average and non-performers?

I am not against the system of merit nor do i advocate mediocracy. However, i am worried and concerned by the amount of pressure these young school children are facing from the early school days. Is this good? What are we preparing our children for?

This video below, "Barvi Ka Result" is an attempt to take away the pressure students face on a daily basis when going through this period of their lives. If you like it, please share with your friends and family members who may benefit immensely from it. Have a great day!

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