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5 Super Smart Ways to Raise Your Emotional Quotient

Humans can finish half of any activity in their minds. And some people have the potential to complete the entire task in their mind. Humans being are so much intelligent but there are situations when we don't work on areas that matter the most like the emotional quotient. Best motivational speakers in India can help in developing this skill.

The emotional quotient

The emotional quotient differs from person to person and depends on various factors, in simple words, it is the ability to understand other people and how you can motivate them or how you can motivate yourself. It is also the ability to manage your emotions very well and you always be controlled to increase the level of your intelligence connected to emotions. Top motivational speakers in India will help to raise the EQ.

Is emotional quotient helpful to us?

It helps in building self-awareness and we are in a position to understand our strengths and weakness and also it becomes easy to understand others' actions and how our actions would affect them.

Individuals who have worked on their EQ levels are on a better platform to control themselves and will control the emotions and reveal their emotions whenever they need. It will be their choice when they want to restrain their emotions. You can seek guidance from top motivational speakers in India like Vineet Tandon who is the only musical motivational speaker.

This kind of people will always be motivated who have worked on their EQ, money and other pleasures will not be a motivational factor and they will be in a position to face failure bravely.

They will always understand The Other person's emotion and will be compassionate towards them. It will help to enhance all personal skills.

Importance of emotional Quotient and its role

EQ affects almost everything that we do in daily life.

Role of emotional quotient for daily life: there are various relationships which we need to manage in our daily life and real-life situations, if we have already mastered the art of emotional intelligence our life would become a piece of cake. Life would become easier the people who come in contact with us also improve their life skill sets by understanding interactions and focus on self-regulation. You can take help from motivational speaker videos.

Role of EQ for managers: if the manager has worked on his EQ then he becomes more empathetic with his team and his behavior. It will not make him partial towards others or have any prejudice. He will be always motivated.

EQ for employees: they are the future leaders of the organization so definitely they should be trained from the very beginning to handle things gracefully and not create a mess. From the start, if he has empathy he will be in a better position to d teamwork and will also self-motivate himself without getting depressed with failure. They will take constructive feedback positively and work on it.

Emotional intelligence becomes a part of our daily life like the way we breathe we need to work on our EQ. It will benefit and show its improvement in all the areas like in the workplace, for students, for a company, in 21st century, for business or no matter what you do this is a life skill set which cannot be forgotten.

Smart techniques to raise your emotional quotient

Best motivational speakers in India can motivate a man in doing the impossible so even he can work on his emotional quotient, so some techniques can be implemented to work on this area.

1. Take criticism positively: A person should emotionally work on himself by the advice of the best motivational speakers in India .you should also be very positive to feedback, and understand that it is for their improvement and will help them to better ways. In turn, it will make you stronger and a confident person. You must take the criticism and understand it and resolve it. Another smart way of raising one's emotional quotient is by watching motivational speaker videos

2. Work on the listening skills: people pay very little attention to what the person is talking about, they are only bothered about themselves and what they want to talk about this hampers the conversation. There is no development in such a kind of conversation. One should actively work on his listening skill sets so that there is clarity in what he hears, before responding to anything one must hear the entire sentence properly and then only respond. People must pay attention to the smallest detail which will help in their improvement and help self-awareness. You can also watch motivational speaker videos

3. Never react to conflicts: it is very essential that during any emotional outburst and anger situations, one must keep themselves calm and never take an impulsive decision which may be a bigger problem. Top motivational speakers in India encourage this thought. In times of conflict, the person should make a conscious choice to focus on how to respond instead of reacting to the conflict

4. Maintain a positive attitude: negative attitude will create a depressing aura. Great motivational speakers keep up a positive attitude and it is so contagious that this attitude will flow in the entire system. Each day is treated as a good day and they are always optimistic. They find ways to maintain this positive attitude.

5. be approachable: they will work on their social skills, which will, in turn, help their emotional quotient. It does not matter if the communication is verbal or nonverbal, social skills help to develop any relation.

All these super ways will help you to become more successful, they will be more aware of their shortcomings and will not be resistant to feedback. These ways to raise emotional Quotient helps to create great leaders and achieve larger goals. To survive with happiness and satisfaction one has to emotional quotient to all levels of Optimisation, branching out the tiny precisions of intellect. Great motivational speakers can do a great job of inspiring the younger generations.

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