How much can you really innovate at an FM Channel? After all you only have certain number of "time-seconds" to sell and generate revenue. Well, if your theme for the year is "INNOVATION & DISRUPTION" and if everyone across the organisation lives by that philosophy, it's very much possible. 


Crisis is not the best time to understand and decode the dynamics of team management. However, that's the only time when lot of team work comes into action to achieve a goal bigger than our own self. A musical motivational session with senior NDRF officers showcased the commitment and life philosophy they live with. 


Stress is the part and parcel of the lives we live today. It no longer about career level, hierarchy or quantum of work one has to do. The only way to beat stress is to discover your own rhythm and follow something that goes well with your own philosophy of life. 


SATYA BHARTI SCHOOLS a philanthropic initiative of Bharti Foundation was conducting an annual meet of the academic and non-academic staff in New Delhi. They invited us for an inspirational session to charge their leaders and create a WOW experience.  


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